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An amazing assortment of mind-blowing magic. For over 4 years we have dazzled the capital with unbelievable magic every weekend, quickly becoming one of the cities best kept secrets! A true speak-easy experience, the show features award-winning magicians and entertainers that will prove magic is for MORE than just kids. Each show is filled with thrilling magic, unreal mental-feats and laugh-out loud comedy. Scroll down to learn more about the incredible shows, view showtimes and BUY TICKETS.


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Location: Your computer! Zoom Virtual Show Online
Featuring: Michael Bourada
Tickets: $15.00 per screen!

Show Information:


Our newest show! See cutting edge magic blended with laughs, audience interaction, mental feats and more from some of today’s most sought after magicians. Must be 18+ (14+ with an adult). Find out about UPCOMING SHOWS.


Watch two magicians duke it out live on stage for your viewing pleasure. They will dazzle you with amazing magic and mind-blowing mental feats. Must be 18+ (14+ with an adult). Click for Performer Info. Find out about UPCOMING SHOWS.


All bets are off and anything goes. You think you’ve seen a magic show, well you haven’t see anything like this. Michael pushes the boundary of unreal magic blended with edgy comedy! Turning Tricks brought to a new level! Must be 18+. Find out about UPCOMING SHOWS.


A mind trip like no other. Ottawa’s only weekly live and unbelievable mentalism show. You’ll see incredible mental feats, amazing mind-reading, stunning predictions blended with laugh-out-loud comedy. Must be 18+ (14+ with an adult).


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Show Locations:


Venue Address

The Wellington Eatery: 1008 Wellington Street, West

Street parking available. Located in the main area of the venue. Tickets are not available for sale at The Wellington Eatery. Do not contact them with questions, please connect with us.


Venue Address

The Prescott: 379 Preston Street

We are located in the lower level showroom of The Prescott. Tickets are not available for sale at The Prescott. Do not contact The Prescott with questions, please connect with us.



This is the fastest way to get in touch. Email us 24/7. Between normal business hours your email will be responded to promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the show suitable for kids or just adults?

The show is 18+. You may attend if you are 14+ and accompanied by an adult. There is adult oriented content of the suggestive nature.

What is the seating like?

Everyone will have a seat. Some close to the stage, others a bit further back, but you will be able to see from all angles and there is no bad seat/view point. When the show is sold out, it certainly is full but by no means uncomfortable. You will have a table and it likely will be shared with another person, couple or group.

Can I eat during the show?

Food is served in the restaurant from 6pm to 8pm before the show and from a specific menu during the performance. Drinks will be served all evening.

How long is the show?

Each show varies slightly, however the average length is 75-80 minutes. The show has two 35-40 minute halves with a 10-minute intermission.